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Equal Opportunity at the University of Bonn

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As a learning organization, the University views diversity in its community, including different capabilities, characters, experiences, constitutions, life journeys and ways of living, as both an enrichment and a challenge. When activated through networking, diversity is an essential component to revealing different potential approaches to problems, which in turn opens new perspectives, ideas, lines of questioning and ultimately more comprehensive solutions. As such, the entire University community benefits from broadened horizons and a more effective use of resources.

The University itself reflects the remarkably open and international atmosphere of the city of Bonn. The University's deep ties to its region and its broad national and international networks have positioned it as an important player in promoting equal opportunity.

Promotion of educational justice, good working conditions, reliable career perspectives and needs-oriented services are among the obligations that the University of Bonn voluntarily accepts on itself. It can only succeed in its efforts when there is a comprehensive understanding of equal opportunity and by bringing appropriate changes to its own structural framework conditions.

Promotion of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The University of Bonn provides a variety of temporary financial resources to promote careers, collaborations and diversity-led measures. Various funding options are available to serve the specific needs of different contexts and target groups. In this way, the University of Bonn is pursuing the goal of providing the best possible support for diversity among its researchers, employees and students.

Grant programs and support options to promote equal opportunity (selected)

Grant program Target group Responsibility / contact
STEP Program Female researchers Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit
Research and teaching during the coronavirus pandemic Researchers with childcare obligations Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit (for funding options 1 and 5)
Maria von Linden Program Female researchers Gender Equality Office
Mentoring and Training Program (MeTra) Female early-career researchers Gender Equality Office
Fund to promote structural integration of gender equality into the faculties   Gender Equality Commissioner
Services for newly appointed professors Female professors Gender Equality Office
Studying and scientific careers with children Students in the final or qualification phases of their degree program (including doctoral) Gender Equality Office and Office for Family Services
Emergency Aid Funds for Students with Children Students with child Office for Family Services
„Get finished“ degree completion grant Doctoral students at the University of Bonn from countries of the Global South International Office
Global Collaboration Fund Researchers International Office
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